Lenny Kravitz’ soon-to-be released (May 19 in the U.S.) album, “Let Love Rule–20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition” is the ultimate update of his 1989 tour de force debut album, which he wrote, recorded and produced. The brilliant, iconic album, which was ahead of its time, defined an era, and distinguished Kravitz as an extraordinary talent and also launched his career as a one-of a-kind international rock legend.

And it continues to stand today–bigger and more technologically savvy. Produced by Kravitz, a four-time Grammy Award winner, “Let Love Rule: 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition” is an expanded, two-CD, digital compilation that features the re-mastered critically acclaimed, original album, plus 18 bonus tracks. In addition, this celebratory package, a collaboration between Kravitz and Virgin/EMI, includes 13 previously unreleased demos, rare B-sides and live recordings.

Over his illustrious, 20-year career as a singer-songwriter, multitalented instrumentalist, producer and arranger, Kravitz has revolutionized various time-honored musical idioms with his innovative signature brand. His much-in-demand collaborations with fellow artists are diversely imaginative and run the gamut from Mick Jagger and Aerosmith, to Madonna and Patti Labelle, to Jay-Z and Alicia Keys.

Culling from the inspirational influences of ’60s and ’70s soul, rock and funk, his electrifying and unique fusion of genre and style has brought Kravitz to the forefront of the music milieu with eight studio albums, which form the core of a comprehensive and commendable catalog.

On the eclectic new two-CD digital album, “Let Love Rule–20th Anniversary Edition,” disc one, “Let Love Rule + More,” features some of the hottest, groundbreaking sounds of the past two decades. The 13 definitive Kravitz tracks are: “Sittin’ On Top of the World,” “Let Love Rule,” “Freedom Train,” “My Precious Love,” “I Build This Garden for Us,” “Fear,” “Does Anybody Out There Even Care,” “Mr. Cab Driver,” “Rosemary,” “Be,” “Blues for Sister Someone,” “Empty Hands” and “Flower Child.”

Bonus Tracks include: “Let Love Rule”(basic rough mix, previously unreleased), “Cold Turkey”(B-side), “Light Skin Girl From London” (B-side), “Fear”(1987 demo, previously unreleased),”Mr. Cab Driver” (home demo, previously unreleased) and “Let Love Rule” (home demo, previously unreleased).

On the electrifying disc two: “Let Love Rule Live!” tracks 1-10, recorded live at the Paradise in Boston, Mass. (on March 28, 1990, for WBCN- FM), include: “Flower Child,” (previously unreleased),”Blues for Sister Someone” (B-side), “Mr. Cab Driver” (previously unreleased), “Freedom Train” (previously unreleased), “Be” (previously unreleased), “My Precious Love” (previously unreleased), “Does Anybody Out There Even Care” (previously unreleased), “Let Love Rule” (previously unreleased),”Rosemary” (previously unreleased) and “Fear” (previously unreleased). Tracks 11-12, recorded live at the Paradiso, Amsterdam (December 20, 1989), offer “My Flash on You” (promoonly release) and “If 6 Were 9″(promo only release). This phenomenal Kravitz anthology is a must-have for your iPod and CD collection. And for those who may be traveling to Europe this spring or summer, here’s a definite must-catch concert: Lenny Kravitz’ electrifying LLR 20(09) Tour. The 55-city tour, which started in Caen, France, on April 17,will end on July 19 in Stuttgart, Germany, with stops in various cities in the U.K., Italy, Spain, Austria, and Switzerland, as well as other countries in Europe.

The LLR 20(09) Tour promises to be yet another enlivening journey of transformation by the inimitable Lenny Kravitz, as he continues sharing his timeless, courageous and unifying message of peace, hope and love to the world. The signature line of the memorable, all-embracing title song of “Let Love Rule–20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition,” is sure to strike a triumphant and resounding chord as the accomplished, visionary artist Lenny Kravitz sings: “It’s time to take a stand, brothers and sisters, join hands.”

The New York Amsterdam News Centennial Team extends our very best wishes to you, Lenny. Happy anniversary on the occasion of your “Let Love Rule–20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition.” Keep spreading the love, brother. Keep spreading the love. For more information, please visit http://www.lennykravitz.com.