Emma Wolfe

Election Campaigns Director

Working Families Party

Dear WFP Supporter,

Campaign ads are no substitute for a real debate.

Last week, the Working Families Party, the Spanish-language newspaper El Diario-La Prensa and the Amsterdam News together invited the mayoral candidates to a debate focused on the issues that matter to New York City’s working people.

The good news: Mayoral candidates Bill Thompson and Tony Avella have already said they will participate.

Mayor Bloomberg, however, hasn’t agreed to come. His campaign has already spent nearly $7.5 million dollars blanketing the airwaves with TV ads. But New Yorkers need more that 30-second spots — we need a real debate, with all the candidates, on the issues.

Sign the petition and tell the Mayor to join the debate:

The idea is simple: let’s get past the campaign rhetoric and talking points, and have a real conversation about New York City’s future. How do we save affordable housing? How do we create living-wage jobs? How do we make sure development projects benefit the whole community? How do we keep the subway fare down?

It’s clear Mayor Bloomberg has ideas — including some genuinely good ones — and he’s got the money to promote them. But a debate is about leveling the playing field. It’s about asking the candidates the tough questions and letting the voters decide. It’s not enough to just have TV commercials.

The WFP / El Diario-La Prensa / Amsterdam News debate will be great opportunity to hear straight from the candidates on the working- and middle-class issues too often ignored by the “horse race” orientation of the media. But first,

we need to get the Mayor there.

If enough New Yorkers ask Mayor Bloomberg to debate, we can make it happen. Add your name and message, and we’ll deliver the petitions straight to the Mayor:



Emma Wolfe

Election Campaigns Director

Working Families Party

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