“When it comes to picking the right shirt, make sure you are on solid ground,” said designers at Geoffrey Beene. Smart, stylish solid colors emerge.

Solid colors translate with fresh crispness and clarity to create a classic, contemporary palette to satisfy the primary arbiters of top-designer taste. Look for such stunning, delectable shades as plum with variations of lilac, lavender, violet, hyacinth and berry. This season, blues hit unprecedented high notes in sapphire, teal, crystal, wave and dawn. Greens are increasingly eco-friendly in tones of sea grass and sage. Geoffrey Beene’s signature grey is newly interpreted in silver, mist and stardust.

The classic white shirt is showing true solidarity. It’s always a top-choice fashion power-broker. From preppy to corporate, simple, clear white is true to form and right on the fashion mark. There’s more to these fabulous solid colors than meets the eye at first glance. There’s trendsetting surface interest.

Whether it’s sheen and luster, texture or weave, a bit of texture adds an eye-catching visual dimension. For example, Geoffrey Beene Sateen has a unique luminosity that gives color vitality–so much so that over 20 new sateen shades are introduced throughout the year. Unusual weaves and textures add pizzazz to flat fabrics. These techniques are emerging as dobbies, satin stripes and ribbing. In addition to the strong focus on solid colors, directional, clean-cut stripes are making a quiet foray into hues and white grounds. The stripes are spaced slim and discreet in patterns that complement colors. Here are some additional shirt-style points: slim-fit silhouettes emerge as the new sartorial standard. Armholes are cut higher. Shirttails are clipped shorter.

There is also a trend toward a more fitted shirt in a traditional cut that’s tapered at the waist and slightly shorter at the hem. The Geoffrey Beene Collection highlights an array of Big-and-Tall shirts that are designed to add width to the body and length to the sleeves and shirttail. More designers are favoring collar models, showing medium spreads and pointed collars. High-fashion shirts are definitely “in solid” this season. The Geoffrey Beene collection shows it.