Mike Vick and the NFC East (40286)
Mike Vick and the NFC East (40285)
Mike Vick and the NFC East (40284)

Paul Grenada

Special to the AmNews

Donovan McNabb is a top 3 quarterback in this league. It’s not hyperbole, its not me standing up for a brother, it’s a fact.

No on has had to do more, with less, for as long as Donovan McNabb.

Well, until this season.

After almost a decade with nothing but a scat back, albeit a damn good one in Brian Westbrook, #5 gets a whole heap a help on offense. He’s got two young fast wideouts, two shifty running backs that can change the play with one touch of the ball (the jury is still out on McCoy, but I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt.)

Then add to the mix a dash of Michael Vick, the closest thing people have seen to a created player in Madden, but in real life.

Vick comes back to the team after two years out of football, spent mostly in jail for dog fighting. Serving his time and showing remorse, he’s been given a second chance in the city of brotherly love.

Sad thing is, for right now they hate him. Just like the hated McNabb when he was drafted. But what does this mean for NFC East?

Well, the Redskins are still a few years away from being serious contenders. The defense will be stronger than last year, but I have a feeling Mr. Haynesworth is not ready for the O-lines he’s going to face in the NFC East. I’d love to seem Chris Snee line up in front of him, just to see what would happen.

The Cowboys, are well, the Cowboys. I know not what to make of them just yet. Nor do I know if Roy Williams can take over on the big stage. It’s easy to be a big name wide receiver in college or on a bad team. But when it’s 3rd and 15, will he be able to beat press coverage with the safety over the top? Time will tell.

That leaves the biggest question in the East. How will the G-Men and the Eagles match up?

The Giants defensive line is the best in the league. Capable of stopping the run and pressuring the passer, that group is the best the Eagles will face all season, they have proven capable of holding their own in the past, but with the return of Osi, and the addition of Canty from the Cowboys, maybe it’s a bit too much.

But then again, you have Brain Westbrook, the guy that makes Antonio Pierce look like he’s running in sand with ankle weights. I’m not a fan of Mr. Pierce – he’s a bit of a run stuffer, but gets caught up at the o-line too much and cant cover a bed with a sheet. If #58 can’t handle Westbrook, then what chance does he have of catching a hungry angry Vick coming out the backfield?

Not much.

Vick is a game changer, even after all that time locked up. You don’t loose that much speed in two years. And the Eagles know how to put players in a position to succeed. The Dolphins who went 11-5 last year are salivating at the thought of Pat White in their Wildcat formation. White is slower and has a weaker arm than Vick, and the Eagles are a better offensive team. Not to mention that at worst Vick’s 40 time is probably a 4.38, as opposed to the 4.31 he used to run. He’s faster than your favorite teams favorite player.

McNabb in shotgun, Vick on one side, Westbrook on the other, McCoy split out wide, along with DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin.

It’s a scary thought.