More applesauce, please (39735)

Fall on Second Street always had the distinct smell of apples and cinnamon, and it all emanated from Eden Ross Lipson’s kitchen. Every fall, quarts and quarts came out of that kitchen for all her family and friends to enjoy. With that applesauce, she was sharing herself with all those she loved.

I would pick apples in the country and bring them back to Eden with the hopes of getting a bit of her wonderful concoction. And I was never disappointed. Even though Eden lived around the corner from me,it was her children that I got to know first. Then I got to know their mother. She was an accomplished woman who had been the children’s book editor at The New York Timesfor over three decades.

She was an avid gardener. Her roses graced the front of her brownstone as the tulips sat in a planter in the well. Her back garden was her pride and joy. She spent hours enjoying and working on that little oasis.

She also volunteered and the Public School 111, known as the Adolph S. Ochs School, where she supervised the library program. I would drive her to the school on occasion; she loved the time she got to spend with the children. Several years ago, Eden and I were talking and we decided to apply to Community Board 3 in Manhattan. We both loved the community so much we wanted to be a part of shaping its future. To our delight, we were both selected. We used to take turns making dinner for the each other on meeting nights. Sandwiches, salads, chocolate, berries–dinner was always eclectic and a good way to keep up our strength through the sometimes grueling four to five hour meetings.

Three years ago, Eden was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She was determined to beat it. Some days were good, others not so, but she persevered. I would call her on meeting night and pick her up so that she could go to the meetings. On many occasions, I would call and she would be back in the hospital again, but she always wanted me to call the next day to tell her what had gone on in the meetings. Eden died on Tuesday, May 12.

I will miss those weekly calls and her unwavering spirit, her bright smile and her kind eyes. She was a woman of distinction, a wonderful mother wife and friend.

In August, a children’s book, “Applesauce Season,” written by Eden will be released. At least we will have the book to remember the wondrous fall days with Eden and her applesauce.

More applesauce, please.