(Washington, DC) The NAACP announced today the formation of the NAACP for Haiti relief fund. This fund will allow members of the NAACP and the public at large to contribute tax deductible donations that will go directly to partner organizations on the ground.

“The entire NAACP family is deeply saddened by the earthquake that occurred in Haiti. The thoughts and prayers of the NAACP’s 2200 units go out to the families and those affected by this tragedy,” stated NAACP President and CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous. “The NAACP for Haiti relief fund will help with bringing food, water, temporary shelter and medical services to the people of Haiti,” Jealous said.

NAACP members and activists who would like donate are urged to visit and donate to the NAACP 4 Haiti Relief Fund. In addition, people can receive up to date information about the relief efforts of the NAACP by texting “HAITI” to 62227 (NAACP).

“The time is now for America and the world to band together to help relieve the suffering of the Haitian community, rebuild the nation and renew the spirit of all Haitians and Haitian Americans. The invaluable contributions made by the country of Haiti and Haitian Americans have helped shape our country into what it is today. Now is the time for action, the NAACP is asking all of our members to do what they can to assist the people of Haiti that have lost their homes, businesses, family members, and livelihoods,” said Jealous. “The swift actions by the US Government and other countries show the world’s capacity for unity and compassion in a time of need. The NAACP particularly commends President Obama for the Administration’s rapid response to this tragedy,” added Jealous.

On January 12, shortly after 5:00 PM, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck 10 miles southwest of the Haitian capital of Port Au Prince. Preliminary reports say that well over 3 million people were affected and that it will take days before we know the true damage to the city.

“An earthquake of this magnitude is a tragedy anywhere in the world. An earthquake of this magnitude in Haiti, however, is even more devastating because of the political, economic, and social fragility in the country. Our concern for our sisters and brothers in Haiti will move members of the NAACP with compassionate responses for immediate relief as well as advocacy for longer term support for recovery and viability,” stated Dr. David Emmanuel Goatley, Chairman of the International Affairs Committee of the NAACP Board of Directors.