Now you can spray your foundation makeup on. Hollywood’s makeup magician Yolanda Halston introduced her new Aero Minerale Make-up Mist last Thursday after- noon at Duane Reade on West 125th Street and Broadway. Despite the rain, there was a nice turnout. What a beautiful new store! Ms. Halston was very helpful to all the women who inquired about the line. She demonstrated her makeup on several women in the store, including Christina Garides. “I like that it’s a natural sun block product,” said Garides.

“The makeup mist feels so natural, and makes me feel younger,” said Joyce Loftin, another customer who sampled the new makeup mist. Aero Minerale Mist, an oil-free, hypoallergenic product, also conceals dark marks on the skin and dark circles around the eyes. For best results, it’s best to blend it in on your face with a makeup pad or your fingertips after spraying it on.

As a makeup artist, Halston’s experience helped her develop her knowledge of skin. She learned what does and doesn’t work and the limitations of makeup. This information led to Yolanda’s move to develop a prestige line of patented Aero Minerale Makeup called Classified Cosmetics. After five years of product development, she launched the line in 2001 and gained an immediate following. Her A-list clients include Demi Moore and Gwen Stefani.

World-renowned makeup artist Pat McGrath is also one of her supporters. Everyone who tried and experienced the makeup was impressed with the product’s performance and easy application.

Halston has created a whole new category within beauty and continues to create products that give the average woman the ability to create a professional look with a flaw-less finish. This business-woman and mom specializes in the art of making up women with gorgeous, natural-looking skin. Yolanda understands what a product needs to do in order to create that stunning look on a magazine cover or to give a celebrity that flawless complexion on the red carpet.

Yolanda’s beauty knowledge and ability to spot trends has also given her the opportunity to speak on future trends in beauty and to provide tips. For upcoming seasons, she forecasts new beauty looks.

Halston’s Classified Cosmetics brand makeup has been credited in hundreds of beauty and fashion magazine spreads worldwide. Era Everyday, sold on HSN and the company’s website, was launched in 2007, and this year marks the launch of the highly anticipated, mass-market Aero Minerale Makeup Mist product line. At $14.95, it’s available at Duane Reade on West 125th Street and Broadway in Harlem, N.Y.