The white police officer accused in the shooting death of a Black officer during a so-called “friendly fire” will not be indicted.

Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morganthau announced Thursday that a New York County grand jury voted no affirmative action against Officer Andrew Dutton for the May 28th shooting of Officer Omar Edwards.

According to Moranthau’s office, the grand jury heard from 20 police, medical and civilian witnesses along with examining 68 documents.

Edwards, 25, was in plain clothes when Dunton, 30, shot him. Edwards was chasing after a man who was attempting to steal items in his car. Edwards chased the man to 125th Street and First Avenue.

Plain clothes officers from the 25th Precinct patrolling the area saw two men running down the street. Dunton saw that Edwards had a gun not knowing he was an officer.

The D.A. office reports that Dunton did say he was an officer before firing six shots at Edwards with a bullet wound to the chest that penetrated to his back killing him. When detectives arrived on scene Edwards sweatshirt was cut open revealing a police academy t-shirt.

Edwards had been on the force for 22 months and was married with two children.

Natalie Harding, Edwards mother, said in an interview with New York 1 that Officer Dunton should go to jail because he could do the same thing again.