Judge Jackie Glass sentenced former NFL great OJ Simpson to 15 to 33years in prison for a slew of charges including kidnapping and armedrobbery, stemming from his involvement in a foiled attempt to retrievesports memorabilia and other personal items that used to belong to theHeisman Trophy winner. Simpson will likely be eligible for parole innine years.Thirteen years ago, Simpson was acquitted of murdering his ex-wifeNicole Brown Simpson and her companion Ron Goldman. Simpson,61-years-old, was convicted of the armed robbery charges on October 3of this year, exactly 13 years after his acquittal in theBrown/Goldman case. Ron Goldman’s father was in attendance forSimpson’s sentencing and spoke to reporters afterwards about hisbelief that Simpson was deliberately trying to hide his personaleffects, so that the Goldman family could not collect on the civilcourt judgment that was rendered in their favor shortly after theBrown/Goldman criminal trial. “This monster is where he belongs –behind bars,” said Goldman.For his part, Simpson apologized profusely during a five-minutestatement before he was sentenced. “I stand here today sorry, somewhatconfused. I feel apologetic to people of state of Nevada,” saidSimpson. Dressed in prison blues and in handcuffs during the entirecourt appearance, Simpson looked tired and resigned.Four men that were charged with Simpson took plea deals and testifiedagainst him. Simpson’s co-defendant, C.J. Stewart received the samesentence as he did. Simpson’s lawyers say they will appeal.