I knew the Hon. Percy Ellis Sutton (The Chairman) through his legendary work as a tireless friend and attorney for Malcolm X and Louis Lomax. He was also a longtime friend to the Lomax family, including Betty and her son Omar. That his kindness would be extended to Omar’s son and me, is in my view a very fine example of the way Mr. Sutton walked the earth.

Mr. Sutton was ever a champion of his people and a down-to-earth person who stood beside many of us with energy that bespoke of his deeply held belief. He believed in us and he was there for us. And we are forever in his debt for that.

His insight and lessons were meant to keep us strong and powerful, and his example was full of courage and steadfastness. I shall miss him.

In my experience, he gave those gifts to his children, nephews, their cousins and his grandchildren. They have stood for good and continue to do so.

One can never forget the undying support Mr. Sutton has given to the Shabazz family [Malcolm’s family[ despite the risks.

And it will always be held with warmth and admiration — the tender, visionary friendship and guidance given to David Paterson; regardless of his disability, a belief in him was held with such strength and love by Mr. Sutton, that it will never be extinguished.

As for Herb Boyd, I know his heart is broken, he loved Mr. Sutton. He has been one of the only friends that understood the depths of my admiration for the gentleman.

My deepest condolences to Mr. Suttons’ family and many friends.

From Daa’iya Lomax Sanusi and our family.