When Mark Sanchez was finished destroying any change the Jets had of winning after tossing his fourth Interception in New England a couple of weeks ago, the word playoffs was stricken from the team’s vocabulary.

The funny thing is, the Jets are still in the thick of things. Yes, even at 5-6 the Jets are still in the post season mix. The Jets are one of seven teams that are either 6-5 or 5-6. Denver (7-4) and Jacksonville (6-5) are currently the Wild Card leaders. The Jets are currently 9th in the conference.

The Jets need to win out to make the playoffs. While most believe the playoffs are a pipe dream, stranger things have happened. When the Jets lost to Buffalo earlier this season, it was a game they should’ve won. Sanchez tossed five picks and the Jets were still a Ben Harstock holding call away from a game-winning field goal.

There’s no reason the Jets can’t win in Buffalo tonight. That doesn’t mean they will. Thomas Jones needs to pound the Buffalo defense and Sanchez needs to play the same type of controlled game he played in the Jets 17-6 win over Carolina. And the defense needs to really put pressure on a shoddy Buffalo offense.

A loss still doesn’t technically end the Jets playoff chances, but it would mean one more nail in the coffin.