There is absolutely no way to defend Mark Sanchez’ play in Sunday’s 16-13 overtime loss to the Bills.

The former USC star completed just 10 of 29 passes with five interceptions. His quarterback rating was an awful 8.3. Can things get any worse than that? Actually they can. Kerry Collins had a quarterback rating of 4.9 in Tennessee’s 59-0 loss to the Patriots. Can we please see Vince Young get a chance now? Okay, that’s another story.

Getting back to Sanchez, you have to ask the question. Is this the start of an ugly trend or just a bump in a road? If it’s just a bump in the road for a rookie quarterback, the Jets have nothing to worry about. Considering the fact that the Jets had a chance to win the game despite 14 penalties, a botched field goal attempt and six interceptions, there is optimism.

“It was totally my fault,” Sanchez said. “It’s pretty embarrassing.”

Sanchez, a life long west coast kid, refused to blame the weather.

“There’s no way I could blame it on the weather,” he said. “The wind didn’t blow the ball to the defenders.”

Jets coach Rex Ryan is still sticking with his prized draft pick. “He gives us the best chance to win,” said Ryan. “He will remain our quarterback.”

That is really the only way Ryan could go. First and foremost, the Jets are 3-3, so the season is far from over. They’ve already beaten the Patriots and the Texans, two teams they could battling for a playoff berth.

Second, Kellen Clemens is no better than a backup. Inserting him at this point won’t really help the team. It will slow down Sanchez’ development and it won’t make the Jets any better. Not too mention Clemens had the chance to win the job twice, but failed to grab hold of it.

For better or for worse, the Jets are going to have to stick with Sanchez the rest of the way.