On May 25, HBO will debut a film that will stab at the memories of anyone who paid attention to the election of 2000: the election where the government started the “We don’t really care what you think” era of politics.

It’s called “Recount.” It’s a good movie, if you can watch it without screaming to the heavens in rage and frustration.

It stars Kevin Spacey as Ron Klain, who was the hero in the Greek tragedy dressed as an election. Klain was Al Gore’s former chief of staff who, during the course of the recount fiasco, became the champion for the cause of having the votes recounted.

In the other corner, you have Tom Wilkinson playing James Baker III who, for all intents and purposes, is the many-headed hydra that uses idea after ploy after scheme to win.

Baker was George W. Bush’s secretary of state.

There are a few names you might recognize: Dennis Leary plays Michael Whouley, national field director for the campaign; Laura Dern does a good job of making Katherine Harris, Florida secretary of state, seem like a truly doltish woman in heavy makeup; and Bob Balaban portrays Ben Ginsberg, national counsel to the Bush-Cheney campaign.

To be fair, I didn’t expect the Bush side of the recount battle to come across as so, well, mean. If what this movie portrays is even close to actual events, then the Republican Party did everything short of hitting Al Gore over the head with a chair and getting the 1-2-3.

There is a good amount of time given to the hanging chad portion of the recount problem. It explains the situation to most Americans, which is good, because it may finally put to rest just what went wrong.

On the other hand, this movie may just make you stare out a window at a gas station and wonder what could have been.

Give it a look.