Blacks, Latinos and Asians constitute two-thirds of New York City’s population. Yet, more than 67 percent of the political candidates this year are white. Something is terribly wrong with this picture. Moreover, thanks to a repeal of term-limits, whites will control the City Council for another four years.

While the Republican Party, nationally, resembles membership in a country club, the Democratic Party resembles a plantation; that is, the slavemasters, the overseers and the slave drivers are white while Black servants are the “house Negroes” and “field Negroes.” Other coalition members at the bottom of the barrel include Latinos and Asians.

Politics, however, is more than votes. It is also organization and planning. Black people must organize, and “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Nonetheless, leading Blacks are honorary members of “The Rich and the Famous.” They enjoy cameo appearances at funerals, burials, weddings and cocktail sips.

In politics, money is also more important than votes. Consumers vote with their money daily while voters can only make cameo appearances, usually in September and November. Blacks are financing their oppression daily. In the “white primary” in September and the general election in November, Blacks in New York will also endorse their oppression.

Unless someone steps forward to save us from ourselves, the political and economic picture will look the same next year. We will continue to recycle our dollars and our votes. This is because Blacks lack political and economic philosophies.

Whites, on the other hand, have a universal philosophy. It is called white supremacy, and, when necessary, it will put a Black family in the White House. Nonetheless, whites oppose a Black president instructing their children. This is called the “Tierney theory” of political opposition. President Barack Obama must embrace brass-knuckle politics.

President Obama gave an excellent, motivational speech this past Tuesday because it was addressed to the most vulnerable in our society, who need directions more than any other segment of it. In particular, he stressed the importance of acquiring problem-solving and critical thinking skills.In the Black colony, these skills are needed by adults and children alike.

In a college curriculum, critical thinking can be found in the philosophy department. To enjoy critical thinking, however, a person must have a philosophy. Logic follows. Melvin Tolson was a man for all seasons and a catalyst for desegregation of graduate schools.

Philosophy was the common thread that connected me to Louis Clayton Jones and Kwame Ture. At different times, we took logic from the same professor at Howard University. Critical thinking can also promote racial unity. Affirmative action was MIA at Howard. This weekly column represents much of the critical thinking in the Black colony in New York City. Dr. Martin L. King Jr., also a philosopher, asked the critical question: “Where do we go from here: chaos or community?” To be sure, Blacks have answered this question.

Unfortunately, this column is written by a good Samaritan, but, thankfully, it is written in memory of revered ancestors, like my other and father, in addition to John Henrik Clarke, Amos Wilson, Wilbert Tatum, Jones and Ture. Their spirits and energies are missing.T his is our fault, however. We have turned our backs on their teachings.

After we finish financing and endorsing our oppression, our leading tormentors are white Democrats while Black Democrats like Gov. David Paterson and Cong. Charles Rangel have their own problems. Self-survival is the first law of nature, especially when a chicken is operating in a fox den.

My career is a perfect example of a Democratic plantation. New York governors like Mario Cuomo and Eliot Spitzer fit the noose around my neck. New York State Attorney General Robert Abrams patted the horse. Black legal representation was the target. I was the victim.

I have been unable to earn a living of any kind since 1990.My crime was an unrestrained love for Black people. Whites translate this to mean hating them. To make matters worse,ecclesiastical pimps preach white love, starting with a white “Jesus” first, others (whites) next and yourself last. This spells JOY.

Despite my absence of an income, I have still maintained a professional office to continue my service to my people. This was too much for S.L. Green and his brother Mark Green, who is expected to be the city’s next public advocate.

Two years ago, S.L. Green secured the professional building at 16 Court Street in Brooklyn. His first move was to engineer a plan to terminate my lease this month.They unlawfully hiked the rent, despite a lease. Mark Green has the same advocacy plan for Blacks in New York City.

Meanwhile, Manhattan Housing Court Judge Jean T. Schneider has the same design on my apartment of 33 years. On May 1,during a trial to wrongfully evict my wife and I from our apartment, the “landlord” had to admit that it did not own my apartment and that this fraudulent entity had been stealing rent from us since April 2000.

Therefore, the Manhattan Housing Court lacked subject-matter jurisdiction because of the Real Property Actions and Proceedings Law. The landlord must own the premises. Judge Schneider said that she was “stunned.” A housing court judge in 2002 immediately dismissed a similar case against us. No judge has ordered a recoupment of rent, however. Now, Judge Schneider is singing a different tune from the same hymn. On September 15 at 9:30 a.m. in Part T, Room 1164 of Manhattan Housing Court, she plans to sign a warrant of wrongful eviction in violation of settled New York law. Her husband is Steve Banks, head of the Legal Aid Society. Once upon a time, he was leaning towards becoming a rabbi. Former Mayor Edward I. Koch endorsed him in 2001 for the City Council. From this endorsement, we know his views on Blacks. I was a chief critic of Koch.

New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is fully aware of this planned, wrongful eviction. His office is defending, in Manhattan Supreme Court, the right of Judge Schneider to evict us, even though the “land-lord” is a fraud.

Cuomo is also currently arguing in the U.S. Supreme Court against my petition for writ of certiorari. He is arguing that New York had a right to dishonor my right to be reinstated to practice law after a suspension of 10 years. His representation of New York is a conflict of interest.

I had already wrongfully served a 16-year suspension and it was followed by a secret disbarment with no notice nor opportunity to be heard. I read about my disbarment in papers Spitzer submitted to Brooklyn Federal Court. This has been a judicial lynching, pure and simple, and similar to the wrongful lynching of A. Leo Frank.

This problem started after the United African Movement had completed a humanitarian trip to Princeville, N.C., to provide aid to displaced and inundated residents after Hurricane Floyd. Our apartment stove had been booby-trapped in our absence.

When my wife lit the power light, upon our return, there was a massive explosion, causing windows in the apartment to shatter. This was shades of the bombing of Harry and Henriette Moore’s home in Florida. We are lucky to be alive today.

The “landlord’s” war has continued unabated since 1999. This judicial lynching is scheduled for September 15,the 36th anniversary of the bombing of 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham and the killing of four Black girls.

Sept. 13: Alton Maddox will be the keynote speaker at the Afrikan Poetry Theater, 176-03 Jamaica Avenue, Jamaica, N.Y., at 1 p.m.

Sept.14: The Brecht Forum, 451 West Street (bet. Bank and Bethune streets) in Manhattan. Alton Maddox, Pam Africa, Lynne Stewart and Danny Meyers are invited speakers. “The campaign for a civil rights investigation into the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal.”

Sept. 15: PWV Acquisitions, LLC v. Maddox at 9:30 a.m. in Part T, Room 1164 of the Civil Court, located at 111 Centre Street in Manhattan.

Sept.16: UAM weekly forum at the Elks Plaza,1068 Harriet Tubman (Fulton Street) near Classon Avenue in Brooklyn at 7:30 p.m. Take the “C” train to Franklin Avenue. Video presentation of the highlights of the 2009 Freedom Retreat for Boys and Girls.