Based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Fat Mattresses and Golden Underwear (FM & GU) introduce a sporty men’s clothing line for men with big egos. From Norway, two local designers team up to launch Moods of Norway, an internationally renowned brand, in Los Angeles, California. Both of these collections offer functional fashions that are comfortably, yet stylishly, street.

The mission of FM & GU is to establish itself as a main-stay in the luxury menswear apparel market. Their clothes draw on classic cuts, yet the company moves on the edge of art and fashion, bringing new ideas to menswear. The brand is produced by The Williamsburg Garment Company, on South 4th Street in Brooklyn, and their designer, NINE.

Their brand name was inspired by a Jimi Hendrix quote. NINE, a long-time fan of the star, recalls watching a DVD of Jimi’s first American concert. It was 1967, when Hendrix made his triumphant return after playing small clubs in New York and Europe. NINE describes Jimi’s style as “detailed and offbeat…It’s offbeat at its initial sound, but by the end of the rhythms, it all comes together.”

NINE likes to mix it up in his clothing line; he’s into a sporty twist on elegance. He respects elegance, however, he sometimes sees it as a little old-fashioned. He’s in love with the future, a big fan of science and innovation. He doesn’t want to reinvent the wheel, but just make it better.

For holiday ’09, NINE’s collection includes outer-wear, suits, sweaters and pants. Some of his shirts are built around fine, jaunty Japanese plaids. The initial look reads traditional sports-wear. When you take a closer look at the details, you find self-fabric buttons and the new eyeglass pocket on the side. There are also angled panels in the back of the jacket. In fabric, there’s an illusion that’s created by the double-faced fabric. It’s a heavy- look plaid with a butter-soft touch that’s lightweight in a loose weave and wool blend.

The Moods of Norway brand is another newcomer to menswear in the U.S. In the creative cellars of the picturesque town of Stryn, Norway, two local designers, Simen Staalnacke and Peder Berreson, launched a concept known as Moods of Norway. Then, the duo met a third partner, Stefan Dahlkvist. Their main goal is to make happy clothes for happy people around the world. Moods of Norway is represented in Norway, Sweden, Benelux, Switzerland, Spain, Japan and the USA.Their first flagship store opens in Beverly Hills, California in July ’09.

An internationally renowned men’s and women’s brand, Moods of Norway’s collection of socks, underwear and pajamas are perfectly packaged for gift-givers without breaking the bank.

Part of the Beverly Hills store (designed by Scott Oster) looks like a Norwegian cottage and features a life-sized gold lacquered tractor. The walls are decorated with everything from old waffle irons to Simen’s grandfather’s skis. At the location on Robertson Blvd. in Beverly Hills, there will be ongoing events that range from paper airplane competitions to waffle Wednesdays. This new space also shows off a baby blue limo with a horn, impeccable footwear and smartly styled apparel designs