The Chicago Bulls, unlike 13 other organizations, saw hope come alive at the 2008 NBA Draft Lottery. Steve Schanwald, vice president of business affairs for the Bulls, tried to appear calm after the Bulls–a prohibitive underdog at the Draft Lottery at a 1.7 percent chance of nabbing the No. 1 pick–saw a damn ping-pong ball bounce into the lap of his team. “This has to be the happiest day of my life,” he gushed. Now John Paxson, the general manger of the Bulls, will have an opportunity to turn that pick into a franchise-turning opportunity or go down in NBA history for picking the wrong guy.

That No. 1 guy is yet to be determined. But there are many media-types who are confidants with every general manager–the same guys who are buddies with someone named SOURCE who is on a first-name you-call-me with every team owner and commissioner in sports. SOURCE will spill his guts to anyone. So, I’m sure over the next few days we’ll know exactly what the Bulls are going to do. We’ll know exactly what moves our beloved Knicks and Nets will make long before Donnie Walsh and Rod Thorn because SOURCE is also their buddy. The Knicks and Nets need everything, from top to bottom. No secret there.

Me? This is a deep draft. There’s something for everyone. So I’ll just wait to see where everyone goes. Oh, by the way–SOURCE hasn’t found his way uptown to Harlem yet. Don’t know why. Everyone else seems to be moving in.