Deep, heaving sobs that belied barely over a decade of living emanated from dozens of teens gathered on the sidewalk outside of 13-year-old Scotty Scott’s funeral on September 12. Scott was shot in the chest and killed on the evening of September 5 as he watched friends shoot dice on 144th Street near Malcolm X

Boulevard. There have been no arrests made and so far, the two other teens who were shot and injured in the incident have not been cooperating with the police investigation. Many of his classmates and his 17-year-old sister’s classmates came out to show support, most wearing necklaces with a picture of Scott, some carrying backpacks as they prepared to go back to class. All of the teens appeared deeply moved by the

loss of their friend. Family members like Scott’s 17-year-old cousin Andrne Spencer were also in attendance. “The thing I remember most about him is his laughter,” said the high school senior.

Melissa Glasgow, the 17-year-old girlfriend of Scott’s brother will also miss Scott’s joyful spirit. “I will miss his smile and his laughter. The last time I saw him was when I went to his mother’s house and he was in the back playing video games,” said Glasgow. Both ladies said they have not heard anything about who may have shot Scott. Delores Johnson, an administrator at Opportunity Charter School in Harlem (Scott’s former school and his sister’s current school), was on hand with some of her students. “We have numerous social workers at the school who are helping the students through the grieving process. All of this is just a bit much to handle. It’s so sad. Parents really need to step up and get on the ball, and our

elected officials need to stop putting up luxury condos and get some recreation centers around here,” said Johnson, who noted that she successfully raised four children as a single parent. Scott’s mother, Tyshene

Mungo-Burgess, sobbed inconsolably as her baby boy’s coffin was placed in the hearse. The obituary hinted at Scott’s warm spirit and playful demeanor, noting his interest in video games, drawing and creating new inventions. A computer programmer, an artist, an inventor. The world will never know what kind of man Scott would have grown up to be. Anyone with information related to the shooting death of Scotty Scott is asked to call the NYPD’s tip line at 1-800-577- TIPS.