The moms of all those “America’s Next Top Model” contestants now have their own modeling competition. Okay, they are not actually those girls’ moms, but they are somebody’s mommas, and they are of “a certain age.” Who says you have to be 19 to rock the runway? The diverse set of women on TV Land’s new show, “She’s Got the Look,” are trying to become the next big supermodel and they are all over 35. The winner will receive a modeling contracting with the prestigious Wilhelmina Models and a fashion spread in Self magazine.

Interestingly enough, there are no plus-size ladies among the 10 finalists, but they are an interesting bunch nonetheless. There’s a 5’5″ mother, a tattooed lesbian who considers herself to be an unconventional androgynous beauty, a woman who was raised in a strict Muslim household and a 63-year-old widow who has the figure of a woman half her age.

Just like its youthful predecessor, the women on “She’s Got the Look” must endure makeovers that are supposed to instantly give the ladies a new look. On “ANTM,” the makeover episode never fails to bring tears and drama and at least one girl who is entirely too attached to her hair. There’s no such moment on “She’s Got the Look.” Everyone seemed to love their new looks, but no worries, drama is not in short supply.

Apparently, even with the added factor of age, forcing 10 (probably narcissistic) women to live together in one apartment inevitably brings out the cat claws. There’s even a tearful, unintentionally hilarious speech from one contestant about how she shouldn’t be made to feel guilty about being so naturally beautiful. Poor thing. I fully expect to see future episodes that feature mind-numbing drama like missing Geritol tablets and knitting needles as weapons.

The first few episodes find the ladies being meticulously picked over by top staffers at Wilhelmina Models, doing an artsy nude photo shoot and getting a little hang time in a challenge that promises to weed out anyone who’s afraid of heights.

Host Kim Alexis does not have one-tenth of the energy or charisma of Tyra Banks, but the show does feature legendary supermodel Beverly Johnson as a judge. Johnson, who was the first African-American on the cover of Vogue, brings much-needed personality to the show, as do the other two judges, Sean Patterson (Wilhelmina president) and Robert Verdi (celebrity stylist).

“She’s Got The Look” will premiere on June 4 at 10 p.m. on TV Land.