Mets fans and even some of our media brethren have been clamoring for the team to make a big splash.

Whether it means bringing in Toronto’s Roy Halladay or Oakland’s Matt Holliday, Mets fans want something to happen. If you are a Mets fan hoping to make a move, we’ve got some bad news for you: it ain’t happenin.

The cost to bring in Halladay, Holliday or any big slugger would cost the Mets several prospects, money and possibly one or two players off the major league roster. Some of you may think it’s time to take a chance. I have no problems with teams that like to take chances, especially if said team is on the cusp of making a playoff/championship run.

The problem with the Mets is they aren’t just one player away. They are three to five position players and probably a pitcher away from being a serious contender. So trading the farm for Roy Halladay won’t get it done. Neither will giving up a lot for Matt Holliday, especially since he can become a free agent at the end of this season.

If you want to blame Minaya for the Mets plight, be my guest. But just make sure you blame him for the right reasons. Three of his top four players -Carlos Beltran, Carlos Delgado, Jose Reyes- have been out for a long time. Oliver Perez made his return this week after missing a ton of time refining his game in the minor leagues. John Maine, the Mets No.3 starter, is on the DL.

Back up center fielder Fernando Martinez is on the DL. Angel Pagan, who was originally called up to spell Beltran, just made his return from the DL on Friday against the Reds.

The bottom line is you can’t blame Minaya for the injuries. And you can’t blame him for not going into panic mode and making a rash decision. No one player can help the Mets. So making a move for one player wouldn’t be close to being enough.

Minaya made one move on Friday, trading Ryan Church for Atlanta’s Jeff Francoeur. That was nothing more than a “change of scenery” type move. Church seemed ready to get out of New York, while Francouer was also looking for a fresh start.

Mets fans need to be patient, because nothing big will happen anytime soon.

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