We’re about to leave 2010 and go into 2011, but not with a blizzard hitting the metropolitan city of New York. Monday morning New York was hit with a snowstorm that dumped over 16 inches of snow. Staten Island was hit the hardest, with just over 20 inches of snow. Although it was beautiful to look at, it was no fun to try to travel in. Unknown to the outer boroughs, whenever there is inclement weather, be it heavy rain or snow, Staten Island is crippled. It is the only part of the city with no subways to help in the melting of the snow on the street; also, the South Shore of the Island is serviced much better than the inner parts of the North Shore. The only means of mass transportation is buses. As I went out to the local bodega for hot chocolate after spending over an hour shoveling the walkway, there was my local No. 46 bus stuck with its wheels just spinning in the snow banks.

My landlord, who is a manager in a Manhattan Duane Reade, took four hours to get home, with two of the hours spent walking from the ferry because there were no buses in sight. Most of them were disabled by the road conditions and at a standstill in different places along the routes of travel, leaving many passengers stranded without any means of moving about the island. So what’s a Staten Islander to do, during these times? Stay home, shovel and hope that the sanitation trucks will clear the roads so that the buses will be able to move the next day for work?