Snoop Dogg was on something else that day but he should have used his leverage to take the inner city issues to an another level rather than seep back down by bringing the red & blue together with the BLACK & the BROWN. Yes, well all know to well after all of the big aerospace, automotive, & petro-chemical jobs vanished out of South Los Angels, Watts, Willowbrooke, Compton, Carson, Vernon, Bell, Inglewood, etc. the soft-warfare against the lower & middle class began in earnest with the infusion of cocain, heroion, hash, booze, cheap cigars & cigarettes, malfunctioning pistols & guns, etc. in already volitile mixture of police brutes, deaf & dumb city hall politicians & even more in SACRAMENTO, racist exurbs [Orange County & San Fernando Valley], etc. this would eventually blow all out during the Rodney King Riots of the 90s. — The Black community was set up on a cold chess board called the “MILITARY PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX” which peeked with the building of over 24 new private prisons ran for the sole purpose of PROFIT not rehabiliation under a DEM Gov & Pres!! And now look @ LA, The so-called Black Elites are being edged out of Silver Lake, Griffin Park Heights, Baldwin Hills, Ladera Heights, View Park, etc. Black Hollywood is under serious pressure by tight creditors not willing to green light projects. I could go on & on but you get the big picture… We must now do 4 SELF or DIE! That’s my new mantra. peace, he-brew