There is no “I” in team. That is an old axiom that I believe has been overused but not over emphasized. Each of us is not an island unto ourselves, but part of the bigger picture that makes up the world in which we live. We each have our own roles to play, but with that role, we choose we can make it easier or harder for all those around us.

In a time of financial crisis in this country, many people are asking each other to help out. Companies are cutting jobs and/or cutting pay. Layoffs are rampant and the world seems sort of dismal. But there are some bright and shiny spots. This is America, the land of opportunity, with a great tradition of communities pulling together for a common good. From Katrina to Korea, time and time again we have brought each other and our communities back from the brink of disaster. People coming together.

Companies are saying to their employees we must do more with less. Employees are saying we will work together to do more with less. Compromises are made, and in many cases, agreements are made that may not make everyone happy, but in the end, the jobs are still there and there is a sense that everyone has done the best they can to make sure that a company or organization will be able to survive in the tough economic climate.

That is where teamwork really comes in. It comes in when one person is out and we need to pitch in to help in that department. The teamwork comes in when you know that someone is not feeling well and you need to pick up a little of their slack. Teamwork comes in when there is a big project and the person that is heading it needs another pair of hands to help them complete it. And teamwork comes in when someone just needs a shoulder to cry on or a tissue to wipe away a tear.

We are all in this together. The economy will turn around–it has to.But for now it is a struggle and every business, every company, every organization needs all of us to come together as a team and say we can get through this. Patience, understanding, hope and a lot of thanks will get us past the hard parts.

So to everyone, thank you. If we all do our share and a bit more,we will help to bring back this economy–and with that, a return to financial health.