Ten stimulus hairstyle and hair care tips (40051)
Ten stimulus hairstyle and hair care tips (40050)

When your budget is tight, cutbacks are necessary. However, being well-dressed with modern makeup and hairstyle is important, especially for your business environment. Today’s women are finding economical ways to dress fashionably and keep their hair healthy and coiffed. Madison Avenue hair salon owner and hair cut specialist John Atchison offers some helpful tips.

“In an attempt to save money, many clients are visiting their hair salons less and they are stretching out their visits,” reported Atchison. “Performing chemical services at home or having a friend give you a perm is not a good idea. Often, the result is damage to your hair that would require you to spend more money to correct the problem.”

It’s best to visit your salon, have a professional give you a perm and color. For your everyday hairstyling needs, get a precision haircut that will hold its shape for six to eight weeks. Your hair will fall back into shape no matter how you handle it. Hair will be versatile, have movement with a swing and bounce, and look good wet or dry. Know that you risk damage to your hair by thinking you will save money by going to a stylist who charges less.

Look out for inferior products and inexperienced operators who may not be trained in hair care. You want the professional working on your hair to really care about the health of your hair, not just the style. “If you are pleased with your present stylist and must reduce your salon visits, make arrangements for a consultation with your stylist. Ask questions and get suggestions on how to care for your hair between salon visits,” advised Atchison.

Here are more of John Atchison’s helpful hints on how to take care of your hair during these economically difficult days.

Learn the proper tools to use on your hair and how to use them. For instance: blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons, combs and brushes, clips, pins and rollers. Your stylist should be willing to share this information with you. Learn how to care for your hair at night in order to pre-pare your hair for the next day. For instance: Should you sleep in rollers or pin your hair up at night?

It’s important to know what products to use and how to use them on your hair. Keep your hair and scalp clean. Shampoo at least once a week, and more often if you are in a polluted area. If you chemically treat your hair, use moisture shampoos and conditioners, such as John Atchison Often Shampoo, for gentle cleansing. Wrap your hair at night. Do not sleep in rollers, because it will increase your chance of breakage.

Before you use hot tools (blow dryer, flat or curling iron), use a protective cream or oil to buffer the heat. For hair that is excessively dry, carry a small tube of dressing cream and put a dab on your hair during the day to keep it looking fresh. With a great cut, you will be able to rub cream on your hair and comb it.Your hair will fall back into style.

Comb and brush your hair properly. Start combing from the ends to the scalp. If you follow these suggestions, you will save money, keep your hair healthy and look good between salon visits.