Jackie Alexander hits the mark as both playwright and director in his newest offering at the Billie Holiday Theatre in Brooklyn, “The High Priestess of Dark Alley.” Alexander weaves together a captivating, humor-filled story peopled by characters who are suffering from the cards life has dealt them. This play deals with several issues–mother-daughter relationships, sibling relationships, how siblings can be completely at odds, women attracted to the wrong kind of men and accepting mistreatment–but it also shows that in the end, women do have a choice if they choose to recognize it.

Alexander delivers a powerful script, hich is brilliantly executed by a cast of six actors. The storyline begins with Claire (played by Mari White),who is obviously bitter about a failed relationship. She lives with her younger sister Janee (played humorously and delightfully by Aura Vence). Janee wants Claire to enjoy life again and get back into the dating scene. She wants her to get together with Franklin (played by Zeb Hollis III), an assistant pastor at Claire’s church who has been fixing their roof for free. Janee’s boyfriend, Sweet (played by Nicoye Banks), is a raw,ghetto-type guy and just the type of guy Janee is attracted to. While he curses, drinks and says whatever off-colored thoughts come to mind, he also demonstrates common sense and sensitivity. Now into the picture comes Celeste (brilliantly portrayed by Marcelle Gover), Claire and Janee’s controlling mother, who’s on a mission to reunite Claire with her husband, Charles (played by Michael Chenevert). Celeste is the one who matched up Charles and Claire when they were children and can’t understand why they are apart.

This play has all the elements necessary for a memorable piece of theatric work: an engaging script, humor, outspoken characters, an epiphany and tear-jerking emotion. “The High Priestess of Dark Alley” will take you through a rollercoaster ride of emotions, but in the end, you’ll have a bit of a cry and feel rejuvenated.

Although the Billie Holiday Theatre is known for family-oriented shows, this production deals with some mature subject matter and is more suited to an adult audience.

Anytime you go to the Billie Holiday Theatre you know that you are going to see an impressive set. For this production, the set is beautifully designed by Jaime Durant and features costumes by Helen L. Simmons, with lighting design and stage management by AVAN.

The show is only playing through March 22, so you only have a short time to be entertained by “The High Priestess of Dark Alley.” For more information, visit www.TheBillieHoliday.org or call (718) 636-0918.