There is a chimp on the ground, cops holding guns, and a bubble talking about economic change.

There is something very wrong with that picture.

It’s racist, its prejudice, it flies in the face most of what people in the country were thinking the day Obama walked into the White House and made himself at home.

It’s the kind of thing you would expect in a documentary airing on the History Channel for the rest of the month. I mean, people haven’t seen stuff like this since the days of black-face and the outright demonizing of Black People.

It’s very wrong…there is no arguing that.


For my money, I wouldn’t pay too much attention to it.

In fact, the most anyone should do is…go pick up the post…laugh a little laugh to yourself, and throw it in the garbage.

That’s about all.

Remember All in the Family? The show with Archie and Edith and the Meathead, it was the springboard that gave us the Jeffersons. (I bet some of you didn’t know that did you?) It was the kind of show where you waited to see the main character put in his place so you could have a good laugh. Along the way though, people started to understand just how ignorant people can be, it scared them, and made them look inside themselves.

Maybe that’s how we need to look at the post.

The Post is Archie from this day forward.

The backward thinking publication that doesn’t have enough wherewithal to get out of its own way in an intelligent conversation. They will say the kind of thing that will make you go “you cant be serious?” or “where did you grow up…in the b.c. side of the timeline?” You might even feel it necessary to blow a rassberry at them every now and then like Archie’s daughter on the show was apt to.

Most African Americans have been flying high after the election. In fact some of our more ignorant brothers and sisters have gone so far as to do the whole “my president is black, so imma just go ahead and act a fool” thing.

That’s bad for business.

This brings us back to Earth. Shows us just how out of touch some people – people in the biggest and best city in the world – are.

It’s a sad joke, one that we should laugh at, think about, and move on.

Just don’t forget to throw it in the garbage.

Over time people will see the Post, and remember it for the sad old man that it is. It wont be taken it seriously, people wont bother picking it up, and it will just fade away.

Except there wont be a Nick at Night to bring it back.