Ehi Aimiuwu

Founder of

As a former math teacher in Georgia, I would like to thank the President for his initiative and foresight to inspire American school children at the beginning of a new academic session. The value of grade school education as dwindled so much that many children openly question the economic value of education in the classrooms. Their justification comes from seeing non-educated people owing business and making millions of dollars through entertainment, while their educated relatives are either unemployed or are hired by the less educated.

President Obama makes it clear that the highest form of wealth is knowledge (education) as the surest way to survive and build a nation. While millionaires may become poor, the President instructed that when you walk away from education, you are walking out on your nation. He also showed children that race, gender, or poverty should not be a reason not to succeed in school, and encouraged them to listen to parents and teachers, which is now against the norm.

This was the greatest speech to the children of our great nation demanding that our children put education before quick money and social status. This was the problem the opposition had with the president. They did not want the image and the voice of the President in the minds, souls, and memory of their children for a lifetime. These are people who put money and politics before education, and their bad parenting hindered their children from the message to uplift America.