Thevi Cosmetics: New line for ethnic women (40082)
Thevi Cosmetics: New line for ethnic women (40081)

Blogs are buzzing about Thevi Cosmetics for women of color. This sleek, modern line celebrates color that’s influenced by lifestyles and traditions. Thevi targets the “New Ethnic Market”–women to whom rich and vibrant shades represent beauty as a way of empowerment in both their professional and personal lives. Thevi Cosmetics–“Inner Beauty Made Visible”–was introduced on models in the Dana-Maxx fashion show.

Here’s a glimpse. Thevi cosmetics highlights through its vibrant collection. The company caters to both the external diversity and the intimate sides of women–the dedicated mother, the loving wife and the strong, confident woman.

The owner, Thevaki Thambirajah, “Thevi,” was born of Sri Lankan parents in New York State. She grew up as a part of a vibrant, multiethnic community. Their diverse styles and cultures shared a common bond of color.

To these women of the “New Ethnic Market”-light- to dark-skinned women of African, Asian, South Asian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean descent–beauty is a way of empowerment, both at home and at work. The Thevi collection is colorful, contemporary, no-gimmick makeup.

“I know that there are many women like me. Women to whom ‘natural’ means ‘colorful’ with regards to makeup because intense color is so relevant to our everyday lives, in our homes, dress and food,” said Thevi. “We feel comfortable with color. In fact, we crave it. And while our skins come in a wide range of tones and shades, we all look best with more intense makeup.”

She spent three years creating a complete cosmetics collection. The sleek, elegant and lightweight packaging represents the femininity and inner spirituality of women. The tagline, “Inner Beauty Made Visible,” captures Thevi’s mission to express women’s lifestyles and traditions.

The collection includes liquid powder mineral foundation with SPF 15. This product is fabulous. Thevi Sheer Matte Blush with no shimmer or glimmer gives a fabulous glow and color to your cheeks without adding shine. You will look beautiful yet polished and sophisticated. You will also find a long-lasting lip-liner, high impact lipstick, long-lasting eyeliner, lush mascara and eye shadows. For easy application, there’s a brush collection.

Prices range from $16.50 to $38.Products are talc free and oil free as well as hypoallergenic.