Mr. Obama has made it absolutely clear that he intends to get down to business, and immediately. There are those who have understood his terms, finishings and beginnings. There were those who have understood his curves, but most of all, there are those who have understood his intent: to get America started again no matter what. It is a noble intent and one that must succeed if Mr. Obama is to succeed and if America is to survive. There are the sinister amongst us who have–as one of America’s leading theologians of the right wing has postured–wished for Obama to fail, which means they want America to fail. And these idiots who call themselves red-blooded, meat-eating conservatives are going along with this idea as if it was something they invented and that they will bring to fruition because Rush Limbaugh is one of those.

It is not our wish that Limbaugh has any bad luck. It is, rather, that we wish he would have a stroke of bad luck that would kill him deader than hell. We do not wish him death, not in the traditional sense. We wish him death in the sense that that part of his mouth that persuades people against their own best interest would be thwarted and banished from the earth. While some would think this cruel, we rather think it is a just way in which to do things after one has been so patient in meting out sentences to such reprobates.

Having said that, let us go back to where we are now. That is, to gather around us, in so rapidly as we can, men and women like Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama in order to deliver this nation into a century that it did not know that it was designed for. We have gone much too slowly. We have succeeded much too slowly at too many things over the last century. It is time that we sped up our deal with the Lord so that those things which have made humanity suffer, for which we ourselves have torn up, are reassembled, polished, simonized and washed until they are purer than the snow.

We have got to get down to business in America. When the right wing begins to talk, there is an investment that says we listen. Well, perhaps we consider ourselves a listener to right wing investment houses .They are the ones who, for all their piety, are telling us it is time to get on the train. I don’t know where this train is going. I don’t know if it is coming back or ever will. All I know is that there is a conductor on this train who is shiny eyed and bushy tailed, who sang a song that is sweeter than the rain. I’d follow him or her anywhere. I understand that we haven’t got too far to go. We haven’t been here too long, and we really didn’t want to go anywhere anyway, but someone said it’s time to go and our answer is I want to be ready to go, “to walk in Jerusalem just like John.”

We must consider now that the war against the good people of America has started in earnest, and there are those in America who would kill us all off for the aggrandizement of a few for whom life has no meaning. We have now and we have always had the sweet smell of life on our breath and a pure cleanliness in our hearts that will deliver us to wherever there is to go without us worrying about a single thing.

One of our more learned preachers used to say, “I ain’t in no ways tared,” meaning tired, of course. Nor should any of us be. Those who have made our livings walking the walk and talking the talk without living the life must begin to change. And we must walk with our Father and his Son in lock step down the Fifth Avenues and Eighth Avenues, the Harlems and Sowetos of this world. We must walk their walk and talk their talk because we must have a willingness to be there when the gospel comes. On a personal note, I was there when they crucified Malcolm X.I was there when they crucified Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.Therefore, doesn’t it stand for every reasonable reason that I’ll be there with you when they crucify our Lord?

Let us now begin the next month in the life of President Barack Obama, and let us walk with him–and run if we have to–to that “great getting up morning.” Hallelu, Hallelu.