When in doubt, just sit back and let Ted Ginn Jr. do the rest.

The Dolphins ran a clinic on how to win a football game without moving the ball a lot on offense. The problem is the Jets had a front row seat in Miami’s classroom on scoring on returns. Ginn returned two kickoffs for touchdowns and Jason Taylor returned a fumble for a score. That was the ball game right there for the Jets.

If you let the Jets tell it, special teams don’t count. Neither do defensive touchdowns.

Here’s some comments from Rex Ryan on Sunday’s 30-25 loss to the Fins.

“Statistically, this game is not going to look close,” he said. “I truly feel that our football team is good enough to beat anybody in this league, but we also can lose to anybody in this league if we spot a team three touchdowns.”

Wait, there’s more.

“It stinks. That’s the truth. We totally outplayed them, but got beat. You have to give their kickoff return guy credit,” Ryan added. “It’s almost four-to-one in yardage, but I’d rather be in their locker room with a win than here, even though I’d rather be in this one moving forward. We have a better record right now, so I’ll still take this locker room.”

He wouldn’t even mention Ginn by name. In his defense those comments were said less than 10 minutes after the game and he was still livid about the loss.

Ryan made a point on several occasions about the Jets beating the Dolphins statistically. Miami had 347 (kickoff, fumble) return yards. That yardage produced three touchdowns -all in the third quarter.

Bart Scott, who had no problems trying to get under the media’s skin and mocked the Dolphins, was even worse.

“Like I said, they have a great team. They have a tremendous offense and they showed it today,” Scott said. “They are Super Bowl contenders and they will probably take it all the way.”

Huh? Talk about disrepect. The Jets are 4-4 now. If not for a game against the hapless Raiders, the Jets might be 3-5. Although the defense didn’t play badly, they couldn’t stop the Dolphins when they needed to in the fourth quarter.

A few years back current Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter, then a linebacker with the Steelers, referred to the Tampa Bay Bucs as a “Paper Champion”.

Sounds like a team we know.