On the legs of talented high school basketball players, Wheelchair Charities Inc. was founded by Hank Carter over 36 years ago. Carter, since visiting his wheelchair-bound friend Jade, has built the Wheelchair Charities organization, dedicated to improving the lives of paraplegic and quadriplegics at Coler-Goldwater Hospital on Roosevelt Island, into perhaps the best medical facility of its type in the country. Carter has kept his promise to do everything and anything to improve the lives of the patients. Once upon a time, when there was no transportation off the island for the patients, Carter raised funds to purchase mini-vans and specially equipped buses. And over the years, Carter and many of his friends and sup- porters have raised millions of dollars for the hospital. Recently, Carter rolled out for viewing the latest in wheel- chairs. In addition, he was the man behind obtaining equip- ment for the facility that is state of the art, equipment that only a person in this field could explain what it is and what it does. Wheelchair Charities donated to the department an ABR. Allison Fulcher, a specialist trained in using the ABR (Auditory Brain Stem Response System), broke it down. The equipment is used by an audiologist to measure the speed of sound as it travels from the inner ear to detect the presence of anything that atypical. It often can be an indicator that there could be a problem with hearing. “It’s a very sophisticated system,” noted Felcher. The equipment cost some $800,000 and is state of the art. It is just another milestone for Carter and Wheelchair Charities. We’ll be back to tell you about some very special folks associated with Wheel- chair Charities. NBA star Speedy Claxton (right) and Holy Cross coach Lloyd Deszigne