The unfounded claim that President-elect Barack Hussein Obama will speak for Black America over the next four years is a fallacy and, if it is adopted by Blacks, it will mean that although Obama’s takeoff was smooth, our landing will be fatal. A false premise will inevitably lead to a false conclusion. Before January 20, 2009, Blacks had better re-examine their categorical syllogisms.

Obama will take the presidential oath on January 20. It will make him the head of the executive branch of government and also its commander-in-chief. He will swear to uphold a Constitution which still enshrines Dred Scott because the 14th Amendment was never properly ratified. Thus, “no Negro has any rights that whites are bound to respect.” This is Constitutional Law 101.

Even before I matriculated at the University of Georgia Law School, I never felt that I was a citizen of the United States. Jim Crow was still alive and kicking, as is the case today. A white law school professor pulled my coattail for sinister reasons. Nonetheless, his message was valid. The 14th Amendment had never been properly ratified, as is required by the Constitution.

Our revered ancestors were tricked. They refused to give up their “equalizers” after they had played a pivotal role in winning the Civil War. The government’s quid pro quo was that in exchange for their “equalizers,” Black men would be given equal protection under the law. Moreover, they would be given the right to vote in advance of white women. These “toys for guns” programs are still in effect today.

The real equal protection clause still rests in the Second Amendment. Before this nation would install its first openly Black president, the U.S. Supreme Court, for the first time in its history, construed the Second Amendment this year. Afterwards, gun purchases by whites have gone off the charts to make sure that Blacks stay in their place during this bait-and-switch scam.

The first clue is Obama’s cabinet. If you look for the common thread, it is Bill Clinton. The Obama administration is a re-run of the Clinton administration. Bill Clinton has pulled off the greatest political heist in U.S. history. Obama was his loophole to get around the 22nd Amendment. Nonetheless, I voted for Obama knowing all of the facts.

Clinton supported some of the most repressive legislation in the history of the United States and it has had a deleterious impact on Blacks. This is especially true in the areas of criminal law and welfare reform. In showing his true stripes, Clinton vacated the campaign trail and personally supervised the execution of a lobotomized Ricky Rector in Arkansas. Obama also supports the death penalty.

Blacks fronting for whites is not novel. It is a widely used business practice. It is also a widely used political practice. “Power concedes nothing without a demand.” Whites use Blacks to protect their interests in Black colonies. Harlem is a colony. Cong. Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. was an exception, however. His political base was in Harlem’s Abyssinian Baptist Church.

There is a difference between political rights and voting rights. The former resides in political parties. These political parties enjoy the sole right to select political candidates. Under the Voting Rights Act of 1965, Blacks can only elect them. Since there is no constitutional right to vote, Blacks lack the constitutional authority to form and sustain political parties.

Political rights yield political representation and voting rights yield political presence. The same scenario is present in American jurisprudence. Criminal defendants of African ancestry are accorded quasi-rights under the Sixth Amendment. Dr. Charshee McIntyre’s Criminalizing a Race: Free Blacks During Slavery” is a must read. This legacy is a badge of slavery.

This means that, for Black defendants, an attorney can be seen but not heard. Otherwise, the attorney will be given a one-way ticket out of the legal profession. See disbarred attorney Lynn Stewart. The prison-industrial complex needs Black bodies. Any attorney who stands in the way will be prosecuted for obstruction of justice. I had tremendous respect for the late Louis Clayton Jones and Kwame Ture. Our common thread is not only Howard University–we were also taught logic by the same philosophy professor. Jones and Ture majored in philosophy and were graduated from Howard University with honors. These brothers had sharp, razor-blade minds. Before Jones made his transition, he told me that America would be governed by a political duopoly for decades; that is, the Bush-Clinton dynasties. At first blush, it appeared that Sen. Hillary Clinton would succeed Bush 43. Obama blurred the lines until he completed the selection of his cabinet. This is called res ipsa loquitor: “the thing speaks for itself.”

I similarly had many conversations with Ture before he made his transition. He would always stress the need for organization and independent political parties. Like Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X and Dr. John Henrik Clarke, he urged every person of African ancestry to join a Black-led and Black-financed political organization. This was also the teaching of Cong. Powell.

Black leaders may rap Black but they think white. On the other hand, whites respect their ancestors. It is discomforting, currently, for whites to have to tolerate “uppity Blacks.” This is a violation of the U.S. Constitution. “Slick Willie” is no joke. He has amassed a war chest approaching one trillion dollars. In the hands of a man who was a Rhodes scholar, this could spell doom for Blacks. Ture said that our people must get a political education–fast. This will require the establishment of political institutions and think tanks if we are listening. Clinton has a think tank. Obama is without one. Dr. Amos Wilson sacrificed his life to pen “Blueprint for Black Power.” He checked into a local hospital and he never checked out. Only media hounds who recklessly seek attention for themselves and political escorts who arrogantly usher white candidates through the Black community can avoid this fate. This is political prostitution at its worse, but it ensures the maintenance of the status quo.

Happy New Year?

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