Earlier this week, a press conference was held at B.B. King’s on 42nd Street at Times Square. More website reporters showed up than mainstream reporters. With the onward charge of Mixed Martial Arts, Ultimate Fighting and others along that line, boxing is on wobbly legs. Who’s killing this once-upon-a-time sport that has such a glorious past, but an uncertain future? There’s enough blame to go around for everyone.

The promoters and managers are, for sure, to blame. The enemy within is the countless strings of sanctioning organizations. But most of all, boxing needs a thousand Don Kings. Had King been promoting the Pavlik-Hopkins fight scheduled for Saturday night at the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City and on HBP PPV, the room would have been jammed. And instead of sandwiches, King would have had tables of ribs. Love King or hate him, he’s the best salesman in the world. He’s been many things, but no one has ever called him cheap. Bob Arum, we can assume, realized Hopkins-Pavlik isn’t going to make the numbers, so he pulled back on the food. It is now time with the sport on the ropes for King, Arum and all the other major promoters to call a summit. Dump these blood-sucking organizations. Promoters, managers, HBO and Showtime must get out of bed with these organizations who contribute nothing to the maintenance and future of boxing.