The Muslim Peace Coalition and the Islamic Leadership Council of Metropolitan New York demonstrated in the April 9, 2011 antiwar and anti-Islamophobia rally at Union Square. Organized by the United National Antiwar Committee, 500 peace, justice, labor, civic, religious, and civil liberties organizations around the country participated in the rally. A group of 100 Imams called for an end to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“We would like to thank those Americans who stand with the Muslim Peace Coalition,” said Muslim Interfaith and community leader El Meligy.

Muslim groups thanked Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) for hearings on “Protecting the Civil Rights of American Muslims,” before the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil and Human Rights.

Legal, constitutional and civil rights experts enumerated organized hate mongering against Muslims leading to civil rights violations. Ranking member Lindsey Graham (R-SC) provided a counter-approach to many in his own party and admonished those who unleash hate speeches against Muslims as “putting our soldiers at risk”.

The Muslim Peace Coalition is the first national coalition of its kind. Muslim peace activists and organizations from 15 States came together in 2010.The goal of the coalition is to promote peace, respect and understanding, in response to the growing polarization, fear and hate in the society.

“There are people out there that think that Islam and Muslims are evil. People think that Islam in America is a threat,” Dr. Shaik Ubaid, Muslim Peace Coalition stated. “We are a group of Muslims who are for peace and justice in our community and country.”

Dr. Ubaid went on to say that he is against wars of aggression outside the country. Negative feelings against Muslims shouldn’t be a part of the American fabric. “We need to create new jobs and invest in new technology.”