New York Congressman Anthony Weiner admitted that his Twitter page wasn’t hacked and the lewd photo he sent to a young woman via Twitter does belong to him.

Speaking tearfully to members of the media, the Democratic congressman stated “I have made terrible mistakes and have hurt the people I care about the most.” Weiner also admitted that he’s had “inappropriate conversations” with at least six women over social media and on the phone.

He also said he didn’t plan on resigning from office.

Earlier today, the conservative website released more photos of Weiner, who is married, that were allegedly sent to various women through “sexting” phone messages. Some of the photos include a shirtless Weiner.

All of this comes after reports last month that Weiner’s Twitter account had sent a photo of an aroused man in his underwear to a young woman in Washington state. Weiner initially told reporters that his account was “hacked,” but he couldn’t say for sure if the photos belonged to him.

The story shares similar context with Republican Congressman Chris Lee, of New York, who was caught posting adult-oriented ads on Craig’s List that also included a shirtless photo.