Dear Dad,

First of all, I miss you. It has been just over two years since you left us but it still hurts just as much today. This year would have been a very special Father’s Day for you-you have a granddaughter now. Her name is Willa. We named her after you. You know, she kind of looks like you and gives us those looks that only you could give. You know the one, where you look sideways at us.

She’s really smart and pretty and loves to be at the center of it all. She loves to meet new people and is generally a very happy child. Every time I look at her I see a bit of you and it makes me so happy.

This weekend, Mom found a gift that I had given you for Father’s Day a few years back-one of my prank gifts. It’s a dancing frog with big eyes that sings and dances. We gave it to Willa.

When I pressed its foot and it began to play, she squealed with delight. Her eyes lit up and she began to dance the way only a baby can dance, as the frog sang:

“Every breath you take

Every move you make

Every bond you break

Every step you take

I’ll be watching you.”

As I heard those words, I thought of you and how you will not get see her grow up, though I know that you are watching over her always.

So to you, Daddy, I love you and always will. And to all the other people whose fathers and grandfathers may not be with them on this Father’s Day: Know that they are watching over you and yours. As we celebrate the fathers who are here with us, we also honor those who have meant so much to us but are no longer here.

Love always,


Elinor Tatum is Publisher and Editor in Chief of the NY Amsterdam News.