Top design software to get you ahead in school (39752)

A design degree is a great way to train your creative talents and skills for a future in architecture, fashion, graphic, Web and even marketing design fields. Before you enroll in a program, make sure you check out some of the top design software you’re going to need – not only for school, but for your future.

* Google SketchUp – This 3-D modeling program is perfect for architects, landscapers, interior designers and even game designers. You can build your designs from scratch, or input other designs to be further tweaked. There are free models of Google SketchUp, but you can purchase higher-quality versions that will allow you to enhance your designs even further.

* Adobe Creative Suite – Fashion degrees and graphic design degrees from universities like International Academy of Design and Technology (IADT) will probably require you to invest in the Adobe Creative Suite. This package offers special student discounts, and includes fantastic designing programs like Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, in addition to many Web designing tools.

* CorelDRAW Graphics Suite – Many design degree programs give CorelDRAW software a good workout. You can edit and retouch photos, or use the main program for vector design and layout to develop logos, brochures, posters and plenty of other marketing materials.

* AutoCAD – If you’re more into architecture or interior design, AutoCAD could be a valuable tool in your software arsenal. Whether you’re intimately designing just a small pavement pattern, or developing an entire neighborhood complete with elevation changes, this 3-D design program will process all the information quickly and easily – saving you plenty of time.

When you sign up for your design program at IADT, make sure you check in with the program requirements to find the correct software programs you’ll need to be a success, not only at school, but in the real world as well.

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