Weiner resigns amid sexting scandal (36807)

After weeks of media speculation, pressure from top politicians and the release of more damaging information, U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner stepped down from his post on Thursday in Brooklyn. The embattled politician made the announcement at a senior center where he launched his political career in the City Council over 20 years ago.

Highlighting his work for his constituents in Congress, Weiner said that it would be difficult for him to efficiently continue his work because of the distraction of the scandal and that he wants to work on his relationship with his wife. Upon Weiner’s announcement that he would resign cheers could be heard at the press conference.

Weiner’s resignation stems from sexual pictures and dialog he had over the Internet with six women. New information this week included several explicit pictures that surfaced of Weiner the House gym in Washington and the revelation that he told one of the women to lie in an effort to cover up his activities.

All of this happens as Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, returns from a trip with Secretary of State Hilary Clinton for whom she is an aide for. The two have been married for less than a year with Abedin being pregnant with the couple’s first child. Abedin was not present at Thursday’s press conference.

Having a political career that spans over 20 years, Weiner was considered a frontrunner for the 2013 New York City mayoral election. Key Democrats, including President Barack Obama and Congresswoman Nancy Peolsi, called for Weiner’s resignation over the last week.

As for Weiner’s seat, Democratic leaders must select nominees for the 9th U.S. Congressional District, which covers parts of Queens and Brooklyn, with a special election possibly in September.