Oscar Carter

103 West 120th Street

New York, New York 10027

Geoffrey Canada, President and CEO

Harlem Children’s Zone

35 East 125th St.

New York, NY 10035

Dear Mr. Canada,

This is just a short note to briefly describe the extraordinary experience I had with your organization.

Earlier today, my 20 month old daughter and I had our 1st session at the Baby College. It was a phenomenal experience. It may sound cliche’ but it was one of the most extraordinary experiences I have ever had in my life. The high staffing per child and parent ratio was unbelievable and the staff member’s performance clearly demonstrated they are very knowledgeable in their abilities to relate to children, babies and their parents. The extraordinary commitment the staff members have to their work was also clearly evident. We were literally treated like 5 star hotel guests and I am not just saying that.

It was particularly breathtaking to watch the children quickly and comfortably take to the staff members at just their first meeting. I have lived in Harlem for 15 years and have been aware of the extraordinary work of your organization but to experience it firsthand took it to a stratospheric level. I will be spreading the word about your program.

I Congratulate and Thank You for the outstanding work you are doing in our community and for our children.


Oscar Carter, www.oscarcarter.com