First, the rent was too damn high, then the gas was too damn high. Then came the decision to run for president as a Republican. And soon, you will be able to see his face on a big screen near you if you want to.

“Damn!” a new documentary (directed by Aaron Fisher-Cohen) chronicling Jimmy McMillan‘s rise to fame via the Rent is Too Damn High Party, has been shown at events like the Little Rock Film Festival in Little Rock, Ark., and the Brooklyn Film Festival this past year.

“We knew that this man had a story to tell…[We] contacted Jimmy weeks before the election,” read a statement on the documentary’s website. “We quickly established a trusting relationship with Jimmy and were granted exclusive, unprecedented access to Jimmy’s life and documented every step he took from then until the elections.

“We were part of Jimmy’s political-celebrity life and were able to chronicle the rise of his fame and the development of a 64-year-old fringe politician into a nationally known celebritican.”

According to the filmmakers, “Damn!” will be available for download and on DVD on Aug. 16. There will be a showing at General Assembly on the fourth floor at 902 Broadway on July 21 that will include a guest appearance by McMillan and the filmmakers.

If you thought Kenan Thompson of “Saturday Night Live” could kill him off with his impression of McMillan after the New York gubernatorial debate at Hofstra University, think again. McMillan plans to keep himself in the public eye for as long as the public can stand him.