They came from across the city–some from the outer boroughs and some from out of town. The came out on Tuesday of this week for a late afternoon gathering to memorialize the life of Anthony Molyneaux, a man who always seemed to have a smile on his face.

He was a tall, good-looking guy who could do so many things, but we knew him best as the leader of a basketball team who guided a team (Marksmen) who were really just some neighborhood guys who enjoyed taking on the big names in the Bowman Basketball League at the Wagner Center in East Harlem at First Avenue and 120th Street.

We recalled that no matter what the officials called, good or bad, he always managed to smile. It was a game to Tony, though to others on the team, each game was like the NBA Finals.

As is so often the case, we learned so much about Tony when he left us to join another team. All good. We knew Lee, his wife, who, though struggling with her own health issues, devoted her life to Tony and more, working with the John Hunter Memorial Camp Fund to raise funds for children to escape for a short weeks to a world outside of the stone sidewalks of our city.

Someday it would be my luck to meet up with Tony. I know where the meeting will be, but the place is packed and finding him will be difficult. So I, like so many of his friends and family, will look for a gym. I know he’ll be there. Rest in Peace, Tony.