Buzz about the Millions March in Harlem is in the streets around the country. Posters and flyers are everywhere and people are excitedly talking about the need for unified action and change. The Millions March will be held on Saturday, Aug. 13, assembling on Malcolm X Boulevard at 110th Street. Organizers say the focus of the march will be on the “attack on African people” on the continent and in the United States.

“The heinous bombing of Libya by the U.S. and NATO, illegal sanctions against Zimbabwe by the West and the Bloomberg administration’s destruction of housing, jobs, education, health care and police abuse are all a systematic assault on African communities,” said December 12th Movement member Colette Pean.

Special guest speakers will include Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam; Father Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann, former president of the U.N. General Assembly and former foreign minister of Nicaragua; Dr. Molefi Asante of Afrocentricity International; Viola Plummer of the December 12th Movement; NOI Minister Akbar Muhammad; and many others.

In a press conference at the United Nations Plaza Hotel on June 15, Farrakhan said, “NATO and America are trying to recolonize Africa through AFRICOM (African Command). My question to African leaders is: Will you allow it out of fear of the so-called power of the West? Will you bow down and act against the interest of African people worldwide?” He claimed that Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi of Libya’s advocacy and organizing for a United States of Africa threatened the international power structure, leading to the attacks on his country.

The organizers of the Millions March in Harlem held a press conference on June 22, at which Minister Akbar Muhammad reported, “Minister Farrakhan will definitely be speaking at the march on August 13. The Nation of Islam is fully behind this march-it is extremely important, and we will do all that we can to make this happen.”

Plummer said, “There comes a time when people have no alternative but resistance. This march will revitalize the Pan-African movement. It will broaden our people’s worldview and demonstrate the need for Africans to unite in our own political and economic interests internationally. We must expose the United Nations Security Council machinations, western imperialism, the attack on Black people in the U.S. and all collaborators at every turn.”

The march has garnered international attention with the participation of Brockmann, who flew in from Nicaragua to attend the press conference. He spoke against the “war of aggression on Libya,” stating, “There is no people in the whole planet who know less about what the United States does abroad than Americans. They are systematically deceived. This is the very foundation of what they call democracy in this country.” He went on to outline the need for reform in the United Nations, emphasizing the unfair domination of the voting members of the U.N. Security Council over all other member countries.

On the ground, Millions March in Harlem organizing teams are saturating the streets with bright green posters. Reporting on the grassroots response, Gregory Perry of Queens said, “We never underestimate our people’s ability to analyze a situation. The vast majority of folk are clear about the attack on African people and want to do something to fight back. Mainstream media propaganda about strong African leaders like Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and President Robert Mugabe is just like what they say about Black people here who do not bow down to the status quo.”

Bronx Coordinator Kamau Brown stated, “Colonel Gaddafi and the people of Libya have built their country from the poorest to the richest country in Africa. He is the key person in the organizing effort to build a United States of Africa. President Mugabe has dared to take back the land stolen by European settlers and give it back to the people of Zimbabwe.”

“The attack on us here is insidious. Police brutality and harassment, gentrification of our communities, housing foreclosures, destruction of public education, closing hospitals, the prison industry-the list goes on and on. They all destroy lives. The NATO bombs in Libya and the illegal sanctions in Zimbabwe kill people. Black people understand that it’s time for Pan-African Unity.” Brown concluded.

For more information on the upcoming Millions March in Harlem, call (718) 398-1766.