Help out for good health. Become an educator. Help those living in poverty. Care for the youth. Treasure the elderly. Look after your environment. These are some of the many 67 ways to change the world in honor of Nelson Mandela Day this July 18.

Its slogan, “Take Action. Inspire Change. Make Everyday a Mandela Day,” captures the rationale behind commencing the celebration to inspire change and action internationally amongst all walks of life.

An honorary seven-day bike-a-thon, the opening of Mandela Day container libraries in various regions and a cycalive from Johannesburg to Durban are some of the many festivities held in his native South Africa this summer.

Mandela Mondays, which began on June 1, calls on people of the entire world to set aside as little as five minutes to do an action for the benefit of the community or environment.

“It would be tempting to sit back in retirement,” said Mandela. “But we all have a responsibility to contribute the little we are able to.”

The United Nations have dedicated this day to Mandela in 2009 to commend, appreciate and honor the nearly seven decades of change he has been diligently devoted to. In addition, U.N. assemblymen and assemblywomen wish to encourage supporters of the celebration to empower communities and dedicate 67 minutes on July 18 to positively impacting their community for Mandela’s 67 years of work towards peace and civil struggles in South Africa.

“A culture of peace cannot be promoted without efforts aimed at bringing different cultures, traditions and ideas together,” said Assembly President Regina Maria Cordeiro de Dunlop of Brazil, one of the many ambassadors present during the discussion. This view was a theme throughout the assembly, with none of the dozens of international ambassadors present objecting to the need of such an event.

“It is time for the next generation to continue our struggle against social injustice and for the rights of humanity,” continued Mandela. “It is in your hands.”

If you want to get involved, visit for ideas about what you can do to change the world.