New York City has more organized summer playground basketball programs for male and female youth, adults, coaches and participants than any other city in the nation. In addition, there are a number of leagues in the city populated by players from the NBA, the European leagues and pro leagues in China.

New York has a wonderful history of basketball, dating back to when the early leagues were dominated by Jewish players and, later, by African-American teams like the Savoy Big 5 and the Harlem Renaissance, which became, along with the Original Celtics, the first pay-for-play professional team in the country.

However, remember that with all the rivalries dating back over 60 years, none has ever equaled or come close to the summer concrete wars between teams from Brooklyn and Harlem on every level. The rivalry continues this weekend between Harlem and Brooklyn.

On Saturday and Sunday , July 23 and 24, beginning at 11 a.m., youth teams representing Brooklyn’s City Wide Athletic Association and East Harlem’s Each One Teach One will tip off at the world famous Holcombe Rucker Playground, located at Frederick Douglass Boulevard and 155th Street.

Sunday, Each One Teach One will travel to the legendary Raymond Bush Playground (Soul in the Hole), located on Madison Street at Marcus Garvey Boulevard.

George Ball directs the Each One Teach One program, while Jerry Niles directs the City Wide program. It should be a fun weekend of playground action at the two legendary parks.