As the dog days of August are soon to descend upon us, everyone is looking for ways to beat the heat. Personally, I love the hot weather-there is nothing like a warm breeze blowing across your cheek. It’s the perfect excuse for dining outdoors, having a picnic in Riverside Park, letting your wee ones run through the sprinklers-has anyone gone boating in Central Park recently? Or how about making a big pitcher of homemade lemonade or iced tea with a sprig of mint? Just the thought of it is cooling.

Keeping pretty cool were all of those who came out to support Franc Perry, who will soon become the Hon. Franc Perry, as he has been nominated, unopposed, for civil court judge. A gathering was held in his honor at Lido, the in spot at 117th Street and Eighth Avenue.

Among those there giving their support (in more ways than one) were Jeff Bornheimer, Deane and Thelma Bornheimer of Princeton Junction, N.J., the Hon. Inez Dickens, Deputy Borough President Rose-Pierre Louis, City Councilwoman Leticia James, Assemblyman Robert Rodriquez, the Hon.

Theresa Freeman, the Hon. Joan Paylo, the Hon. Marc Landis, Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone President Ken Knuckles, Harlem Business Alliance President Walter Edwards, NAACP State President Hazel Dukes, Dr. Marcella Maxwell, NAACP Mid-Manhattan Branch President Geoffrey Eaton, Harlem Little League founders Iris and Dwight Raiford, Millenium Dance Company founder Denise Perry, Jonelle Procope of the Apollo Theater Foundation, Dr. Shirley Smith of the Blondell Pinnock-Carver Savings Bank, Eleanor Kennedy, Krystianni Hills, Jo Early, Harold Peakes, Elaine Shulman, Georgette Gittens and Shelly Winfield.

Of course, also on hand was Franc’s biggest supporter, his mom, Ophelia Perry. His dad, Frank Perry, was unable to attend as he is ill and currently in the Center for Nursing and Rehab in Brooklyn. We wish him a speedy recovery, but of course.

Speaking of Lido, recently seen dining there were Dolores Addo, Delores Richards and the Hon. Dennis Weaver. The haunt is also a favorite of Toni Faye.

Speaking of Toni, she was spotted at the Open Talk with Harold Ford and Russell Simmons alongside Brenda Neal; Lana Woods; Ulysee Marshall; the Brett family, as in Kelly, founder and CEO of the Vitruvian Collective LLC, mom Patricia, dad Hiriam and brother Kyle with his gorgeous girlfriend; various other members of the Manhattan Chapter of the Links; and beautiful actress Phylicia Rashad in the audience.

Also keeping cool were the many who poured onto the lawn of Gracie Mansion for the annual kickoff of the Harlem Week celebrations. Tastefully orchestrated by the Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce under the auspices of president and CEO Lloyd Williams, guests included all of the members of the chamber, Voza Rivers, Darryl T. Downing, Elinor Tatum and Curtis Simmons with beautiful baby Willa, Earnestine Bell Temple, Walter Lowe and Cheryl Willis, Charles Hamilton Jr. and Yvette Campbell, chairman of the board and executive director of Harlem School of the Arts, respectively.

A riveting performance was conducted by A. Austin, who did a rendition of “I’m Almost There” from “The Princess and the Frog,” a delightful movie for people of all ages. The music is great and the storyline is touching. Because Julia finds the villain in the movie “scary,” I’ve confiscated the DVD and added it to my own personal collection. It’s a story of hope, true love, faith, resolve and the belief that dreams do come true, no matter how far out they may seem.

Speaking of “The Princess and the Frog,” did you know that chef Emeril Lagasse plays the voice of Big Daddy? It’s amazing how you can learn new stuff everyday.

Speaking of learning new stuff, three cheers for Aaron Schwartz, a computer techie who downloaded 4.8 million files from an educational library in attempt to make the information free to the public. While I would never, ever, never, ever, never support, encourage, aide or abet computer hacking, I do believe that the public shouldn’t have to pay through the nose for every little bit of information they receive on the internet, especially if it is educational in nature. I’m just saying.

Happy birthday to Dolores Gunns, Timish Williams, Robin Burgess, Charles Harris, Brenda Cooper, Cathy White, Carol Davis, Sharon Watts, Eddie Green, Rodney Carol, Bryant Fox, Belinda Gillard, Mike Pies, Lori Diggs and daughter LiAnna and Susannah Mushatt Jones, who lives in Brooklyn. At 112 years old, Miss Susannah may be the oldest resident of New York State.

Congratulations to Aaron Manley, who just celebrated his wedding anniversary. Of how many years? What, you don’t remember, it seems like yesterday? How sweet.

Until next week…kisses.