Lincoln Center Out of Doors brings free summer shows (38365)

It’s hot. Hot enough to make the skeptics reassess their position on global climate change. Nonetheless, you don’t want to be stuck inside-that’s what winter is for-so put on your sunscreen and bring some cold drinks to Lincoln Center because the 2011 edition of Out of Doors has already begun. The free concert and performance series is back and better than ever, featuring stars from around the world.

And you don’t have to pay a dime!

The bad news is you’ve already missed a few amazing performers, including the one of a kind Mavis Staples, who had a hit record back when your momma was a little girl.

Well, she was in fine form at Damrosch Park last week telling the audience during her great song “This is My Country” that there are a “lot of people out there mixing up Kool-Aid and trying to pass it off for tea.” The gospel singer, who just won her first Grammy, then laid it down as the sun set over Manhattan to a packed crowd.

The good news is that you can see still a ton of great acts.

If you are a devotee of Indian pop music, be sure to stop by on Thursday, Aug. 4 to hear Malkit Singh work his magic. L.A.-based Dengue Fever with their Cambodian-born front man will give us some Cambodian rock, which is sure to entertain.

The New York Arabic Orchestra featuring Bassam Saba will headline the night of Aug. 5. The music you’ll hear weaves the rhythms of Arab-influenced southern Spain with the sounds of the Middle East and beyond.

The week after sees the start of the 28th annual Roots of American Music Festival on Aug. 13. If you are smart enough to show up, you will hear a tribute to Sun Records featuring Sonny Burgess, Cowboy Jack Clement and Hayden Thompson, among others. The very next day features performances by the North Mississippi All Stars Duo and Big Sam’s Funky Nation.

Need more? Really? Well, the hits just keep on coming!

If you love martial arts, swing by on Friday, Aug. 11 to see the Chinese American Arts Council’s Marital Arts Society perform. Later on, Tan Dun will conduct the Metropolis Ensemble as they let you hear their “Marital Arts Trilogy.”

If you happen to get hungry or thirsty, there are also a number of world-class food and drink vendors who will be happy to help you out.

There is so much more that is happening. For a day-by-day schedule, visit