New York’s largest performing arts festival is in full force through the month of August in Harlem and Washington Heights.

The City Parks Foundation’s annual SummerStage festival, taking place now until Aug. 13, features live performances from local dance and theatre companies and hip-hop, R&B and gospel artists.

James Burke, the director of arts and cultural programming for the City Parks Foundation, said the festival ensures that guests will enjoy quality acts from a wide selection of talent.

“New Yorkers and visitors alike can now visit Northern Manhattan to discover talent at SummerStage that is as artistically and culturally diverse as the neighborhoods themselves,” he said.

The foundation commissioned several up-and-coming artists this year, giving them the chance to showcase their work through new programs that promote and support emerging talent.

“We are delighted that the debut of these exceptional pieces will always be associated with SummerStage,” said foundation Executive Director David Rivel.

Dancers from the DASH Ensemble, the New York-based dance company, will perform their debut at Marcus Garvey Park on Friday at 8 p.m., after Theresa Lavington’s dance master class.

In addition to dance performances and workshops encouraging crowd participation, SummerStage leaves room on the stage for new and established Hispanic musicians.

The following week, Dominican artist Henry Santos will have his solo debut at Highsbridge Park on Aug. 17 at 7 p.m. As a member of the group Aventura, Santos was recognized worldwide for his bachata melodies inspired by his Dominican heritage. Fans will be blessed with sounds and songs from the now-solo artist.

The urban bachata sound, which blends bachata sound with modern hip-hop and R&B flavor, was pioneered by a variety of Hispanic artists, especially those who moved to the United States.

Bachata Heightz, a group who has helped introduce the genre to the masses, will perform at Highbridge Park on Aug. 16 at 7 p.m.

For the complete SummerStage schedule, visitwww.SummerStage.orgorFacebook page.