You’re faced with a formidable task, but when you defeat it, you’ll take big steps toward a goal. Weigh in and give it your best. Your energy is high. The task looks larger before you start. Compromise with a partner. The immediate future promises love.

  • Soul Affirmation: I enjoy the spirits of people whose spirits are akin to mine this week.
  • Lucky Numbers: 33, 34, 52


Yield to the harmony that lies below the surface of any seeming disagreement. Serenity is more important than your sense of righteousness. Questioning the motives of others will make your mind too suspicious to benefit from the unclear way in which love will present itself this week.

  • Soul Affirmation: Freedom of mind is the greatest gift for me this week.
  • Lucky Numbers: 12, 53, 54


Always remember that loved ones make the world a wonderful habitat. Otherwise it is an empty place, and no amount of material gain can give it the excitement you want and deserve.

  • Soul Affirmation: I let my luck work for me.
  • Lucky Numbers: 16, 23, 46


Do not travel in the company of those who work against you. Move towards people with words of encouragement and an extended hand. Release the grudge that you have for someone who betrayed you. You will find liberation and lightheartedness by forgiving. Follow your heart when it comes to a love interest.

  • Soul Affirmation: Intelligent information does not have to come from intelligent sources
  • Lucky Numbers: 4, 29, 41


Stay adaptable and all will be fine. Flexibility is easy for you when you want it to be. The situation you’ll face this week will require that you alter your way of thinking about someone with whom you’re involved with in business or friendship.

  • Soul Affirmation: Facing down challenges makes me feel good about myself.
  • Lucky Numbers: 19, 29, 48


Modesty doesn’t mean cowardly. It can mean gracious. Let a friend have the credit for something that you did. Be cool-it’s good exercise. Tooting your own horn doesn’t get you the biggest notice. The people you want to impress this week will be more impressed by your graciousness.

  • Soul Affirmation: I am willing to do more than my part to get the job done this week.
  • Lucky Numbers: 8, 12, 53


Give birth to some new impulses about love. The ones you’ve been using have led you to a place you do not wish to be. Give yourself a break. Change. Be less critical. Accept love even from those you do not completely agree with.

  • Soul Affirmation: I keep in mind the practical side of life this week.
  • Lucky Numbers: 6, 13, 24


Be modest! Don’t just be smug and cool about your greatness. This week, get in touch with your limitations and acknowledge them. You’re not doing it in order to fix anything; you’re just enlarging your capacity for self-acceptance.

  • Soul Affirmation: I am a giver of good words this week.
  • Lucky Numbers: 1, 17, 22


This could turn out to be the most argument-filled week you’ve had for a while. Your feelings might be deeply hurt if you try to force your sense of rightness off on anyone else. Chill. Remember that in the past when people were cantankerous, you could find pleasure in nature or animals.

  • Soul Affirmation: I put my charm to work for me this week.
  • Lucky Numbers: 13, 39, 55


Your good will and intentions towards others will reap you an inheritance of abundance and wealth. You will be blessed with many good wishes and enjoy them in the company of family and friends.

  • Soul Affirmation: I appear to others what I know myself to be.
  • Lucky Numbers: 30, 32, 33


Your dignity and composure is a sure asset this week. Be Mr. or Ms. Cool Breeze. In touchy situations, you have the ability to maintain a high level of emotional balance and a calm disposition. Use these qualities to the fullest this week. You have the know-how to redirect negative feelings into a positive solution.

  • Soul Affirmation: Superficiality is often the best route to clarity.
  • Lucky Numbers: 20, 28, 31


Start this week to make a difference for tomorrow. You can determine the prosperity of your future by making difficult decisions in the present. Rearrange your priorities and decide on the important things to you. Make a list. Write them down and act on it now!

  • Soul Affirmation: As chances come around again, I take advantage of them.
  • Lucky Numbers: 17, 50, 54