It was a long two weeks for 7-year-old Miriam Sissoko. Miriam and her New York City teammates from Central Harlem had boarded a bus and traveled through the night last week, reaching Detroit the next afternoon. There, they spent a week filled with reading, writing and academics, as well as practicing for their age-group tournament.

The team played well, but it was Miriam who returned home after qualifying for the national tournament. Within three days, Miriam, accompanied by Beverly Griggsby, New York City director of the Hollywood Golf Institute, was on a bus heading back to Detroit.

Playing in the tournament, Miriam finished second nationally, returning to New York City with the second-place medal she had won by beating out her opponents from other cities in the Hollywood Golf Institute’s national golf tournament.

Returning safely back home on Monday morning of this week with medal, she was greeted by her teammates with a standing ovation.