The Cadet Corps were founded in 1946 by Wilbert E. Burgie to teach young adults leadership skills.

Until the 1990’s the Cadet Corps helped many young adults gain independence, self-discipline, self-knowledge, and positive attitudes.

Leon R. Frank was a former cadet and after 34 years of service in the military, he returned home with nothing to do. He loved the military, but did not wish to return.

He then decided to reactivate the Cadet Corps. Understanding that in these present circumstances children in the city are succumbing to poor choices, he wanted to give back to his community.

The reactivation occurred on January 1st, 2011.

Brenda M. Francis, the fiancee of Mr. Frank shared some of the Cadet Corps goals, “We [Cadet Corps] are gathering children from the streets to strengthen their character, learn how to solve problems, and become leaders of the future.”

She also spoke about the current situation of young adults in the city,

“They are walking around with their pants hanging low, cursing, and being disrespectful. They have no focus in life anymore. We simply want to pass our knowledge and give back to the community.”

Once in Cadet Corp it becomes a lifetime membership and many alumni have returned after the reactivation.

Cadet Corps has a great success rate many of the young cadets become a part of the military, CIA, FBI, and high level positions in the government.

This program promotes young leaders and continues to improve the community every day.

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