At 1:55 today the buildings shook in Harlem. According to reports from the national geographic service an aftershock will be felt again in New York within the next hour.

Ms. Hatterine Brickhouse 73 years old Virginia native said “It sounded like a train. Then the house shook for a few seconds. I then went into the bathroom and sat in there until I did not feel anything.”

Reports are coming in that the magnitude 5.8-6.0 earthquake, that originated in Mineral, Virginia according to the AP, shook locations in all 5 boroughs as well as various other states across the northeast. The earthquake is among only 25 that Virginia has felt in its entire lifetime as a state and AmNews consultants reported that the earthquake was felt as far north as Toronto, Canada. In neighboring DC, the Pentagon was evacuated and hundreds of people filled the streets of Washington DC, as they evacuated their buildings.

Khara John, 18 years old, is a freshman at the University of Virginia. She was taking a class on the fifth floor of her academic building when she felt the earthquake. “At first I thought, does Virginia even have fault lines? After that my class started to become scared and confused, and constantly asking: “What is happening?”

A nuclear plant located in Louisa County, the epicenter of the earthquake in Virginia, has shut down sitting an “unusual event,” its lowest state of emergency, according to the AP. “In this case what happened when the seismic event happened was it knocked down the power,” said David Heacock, president and chief at the plant, is now running on reserve power.

*More information to come